Prime Problem Solving

Prime Problem Solving

The Prime Problem Solving curriculum provides valuable insights and best practices for all levels of professionals who want to more effectively resolve workplace challenges.

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Curriculum Overview

The Prime Problem Solving curriculum introduces easy-to-use strategies to solve a variety of workplace challenges from problems of small magnitude to those having a substantial impact on the organization.

At a Glance

Certification: PDU Credits: 33 PDUs

Download: Curriculum Overview in PDF Format or Curriculum Synopsis in PDF Format

Prerequisites: None

Skill Level: All levels

Target Audience: Professionals who want to resolve workplace challenges more effectively.


Here is a complete informational listing of the courses in the Prime Problem Solving curriculum.

Solving Problems Logically (PD0041)

Duration Course Description
1.5 hrs Solve Problems Together This course helps learners to recognize and identify the groups and individual roles in the problem solving process.
1.5 hrs The Problem Solving Process This course outlines the fundamental steps for effective problem solving and identifies attitudinal characteristics that facilitate success.

Defining the Issue (PD0042)

Duration Course Description
2.5 hrs Analyze Problems Creatively This course introduces learners to several problem resolution methods. Tips for successfully facilitating a brainstorming session are also provided.
3 hrs Determine the Real Problem This course describes how to create a focused problem statement using the Occam's Razor method.

Investigating the Problem (PD0043)

Duration Course Description
1.5 hrs Use Investigative Tools This course introduces process-oriented methods that assist in the analysis of various elements associated with a stated problem.
2.5 hrs Gather Evidence This course describes several data gathering techniques that can be used to improve problem analysis procedures and the resulting decisions.
3 hrs Interpret Data This course explains how to use visual tools to interpret data.

Selecting the Solution (PD0044)

Duration Course Description
2 hrs Solve Problems Methodically This course introduces Force Field Analysis and Solutions Fishbone Diagram problem solving techniques.
1.5 hrs Group-Based Solutions This course introduces Modified-Delphi, swapping, and visualization problem solving techniques.
1.5 hrs Cost-Benefit Solutions This course helps learners to recognize and apply cost-benefit analysis procedures.

Accepting the Decision (PD0045)

Duration Course Description
1.5 hrs Sell Your Solution This course provides a series of helpful tips to persuade decision-makers to approve the proposed solution.
1.5 hrs Implement Decisions This course helps learners to identify progress points and areas for future improvement at the conclusion of the problem resolution process.

Making Group Decisions (PD0046)

Duration Course Description
2.5 hrs Working Together This course introduces several strategies to recognize and overcome challenges that can hamper a general group consensus.
1.5 hrs The Nature of Groups This course provides insightful perspectives into the unpredictability of group dynamics. Tips to recognize challenging behaviors and suggestions for successfully managing group responses are presented.
1.5 hrs Ensure Group Success This course describes four methods to generate successful problem solving decisions.

Key Features

  • 33 hours total learning
  • 15 Courses (29 hours), each including Self Check Assessment
  • Online Resources (4 hours) - Job Aids, Glossary, Recommended Reading Lists, Links
  • Personalized eLearning System account
  • PreAssessment (PrimePath)
  • Mastery Assessment
  • Client Administration
  • Online Mentoring
  • American English

System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Web Browser

Chrome Chrome
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
Opera Opera

Other Requirements

  • Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher is required
  • Adobe Reader plugin is required to view some curriculum Resources
  • A sound card with speakers or headphones are required to listen to audio

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