Prime Finance

Prime Finance

The Prime Finance curriculum has been designed to demystify finance and to remove financial phobias.

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Curriculum Overview

Learners will be able to present and negotiate their case for project or departmental budgets, and justify and defend their performance in terms that senior management will relate to and accept. They will be able to apply key financial terms and indices to evaluate the performance of their project, profit center or cost center, as well as that of their organization. They will also be able to develop and evaluate project proposals as part of a capital budgeting process. In effect, the curriculum is designed to support managers who want to break through the financial 'glass ceiling' and progress in their managerial careers.

At a Glance

Certification: PDU Credits: 20 PDUs

Download: Curriculum Overview in PDF Format or Curriculum Synopsis in PDF Format

Prerequisites: None

Skill Level: Entry & intermediate levels

Target Audience: Department managers who need to take on budgetary responsibilities, input into business decisions and participate effectively in management reviews, and project managers who need the tools to effectively propose, evaluate and control the financial aspects of their projects.


Here is a complete informational listing of the courses in the Prime Finance curriculum.

Measuring Financial Performance (PF0011)

Duration Course Description
2 hrs The Ground Rules This course first explains the relevance of finance for the nonfinancial manager before describing fundamental accounting conventions such as double entry, cash- and accrual-based accounting, and GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). A workplace exercise reinforces the distinction between cash and accrual accounting.
3 hrs The Financial Statements This course gives the learner a thorough understanding of the three universally recognized and accepted financial reports: the income statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement.
4.5 hrs Evaluating Performance This course begins by distinguishing between trend and competitive analysis and continues by explaining how the liquidity, activity, profitability, and solvency ratios are used to analyze an organization’s performance. A workplace exercise gives the learner an opportunity to apply these ratios to existing companies in the real world.

Planning and Controlling Budgets (PF0012)

Duration Course Description
2 hrs Budgeting Matters This course illustrates the benefits of budgeting to the work of a manager and describes a range of commonly used budgeting methods, such as zero-based, fixed, incremental, rolling, and flexible.
2 hrs How to Budget This course describes the process of budget preparation and control. The course illustrates how a budget is flexed to take account of actual performance, and how variances are analyzed and calculated as a basis for corrective action by management. A workplace exercise guides the learner through the preparation and control of a budget.

Investment Appraisal (PF0013)

Duration Course Description
2.5 hrs Making Investment Decisions This course describes the decision points that support capital budgeting within an organization, and continues to explore how a range of techniques (including CVP, NPV, payback, IRR, and ARR) can be used to conduct short- and long-term project evaluations within this process. Workplace exercises guide the learner through an evaluation of competing projects.

Key Features

  • 20 hours total learning
  • 5 Courses (16 hours), each including Self Check Assessment
  • Online Resources (4 hours) - Job Aids, Glossary, Recommended Reading Lists, Links
  • Personalized eLearning System account
  • PreAssessment (PrimePath)
  • Mastery Assessment
  • Client Administration
  • Online Mentoring
  • American English

System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Web Browser

Chrome Chrome
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
Opera Opera

Other Requirements

  • Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher is required
  • Adobe Reader plugin is required to view some curriculum Resources
  • A sound card with speakers or headphones are required to listen to audio

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