Prime Effectiveness

Prime Effectiveness

The Prime Effectiveness curriculum presents easily adopted techniques for today’s busy professionals to increase productivity by eliminating common barriers to success.

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Curriculum Overview

The American Management Association’s Self-Development for Success series provides the core content for this practical, real-world approach to improve results through stronger self-management and collaborative skills.

At a Glance

Certification: PDU Credits: 33 PDUs

Download: Curriculum Overview in PDF Format or Curriculum Synopsis in PDF Format

Prerequisites: None

Skill Level: All levels

Target Audience: All levels of professionals who want to improve results through stronger self-management and interpersonal skills.


Here is a complete informational listing of the courses in the Prime Effectiveness curriculum.

Balancing Stress (PD0011)

Duration Course Description
1.5 hrs Measuring Stress This course introduces techniques to measure stress and calculate the various costs to individuals and the larger social environment. Self-evaluation procedures are described to help identify personal stress levels.
1.5 hrs Simple Solutions for Stress This course prescribes a series of simple, healthful activities to combat stress.
2.5 hrs Stress-Relieving Habits This course identifies a series of daily routines that will help individuals achieve positive attitudes, get better organized, and develop personal goals.
3 hrs Devise a Stress Control Plan This course describes several methods to evaluate and adjust behaviors to manage daily workplace changes. Assertiveness strategies are discussed along with other techniques to identify and take control of stressful situations.

Expanding Time (PD0012)

Duration Course Description
1.5 hrs Develop SMART Goals This course introduces techniques that enable learners to develop life and work objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART).
2.5 hrs Break Time Barriers This course provides strategies to minimize the effects of the three most critical time wasters.
2 hrs Focus on What is Important This course discusses several methods to clearly identify priorities, as well as proven scheduling and implementation procedures to ensure that designated goals are achieved.

Working Collaboratively (PD0013)

Duration Course Description
1.5 hrs Assert Your Influence This course demonstrates the value that influencing skills can bring to a diverse and dynamic work environment. Assertive influencing behavior examples are contrasted with aggressive and passive behaviors.
2 hrs Build Rapport, Gain Trust This course describes key communication skills that enable people to quickly build a comfortable rapport with new acquaintances.
1.5 hrs Communicate Your Goals This course identifies methods to ensure that speakers deliver the intended message, as well as techniques to provide and receive feedback constructively.
2 hrs Extend Your Influence This course provides a self-evaluation exercise to identify individual influencing styles along with a series of suggestions and exercises to improve and refine them. Networking and conflict resolution skills are introduced as advanced topics.

Working With Difficult People (PD0014)

Duration Course Description
1.5 hrs Recognize Work Styles This course suggests methods to adjust one’s own approach to meet the needs of the other person.
2 hrs Respond to Challenges This course demonstrates several techniques to effectively handle minor and periodic personality differences.
4 hrs Cope With Continued Conflict This course describes procedures to pursue when strong measures are needed in response to repeated problems.

Key Features

  • 33 hours total learning
  • 14 Courses (29 hours), each including Self Check Assessment
  • Online Resources (4 hours) - Job Aids, Glossary, Recommended Reading Lists, Links
  • Personalized eLearning System account
  • PreAssessment (PrimePath)
  • Mastery Assessment
  • Client Administration
  • Online Mentoring
  • American English

System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Web Browser

Chrome Chrome
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
Opera Opera

Other Requirements

  • Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher is required
  • Adobe Reader plugin is required to view some curriculum Resources
  • A sound card with speakers or headphones are required to listen to audio

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