PrimeLearning Management System (PrimeLMS)

PrimeLearning Management System (PrimeLMS)

The PrimeLearning Management System (PrimeLMS) is a cloud-based network of interactive eLearning services, anchored in real-world, job-related simulations and made even more relevant through the inclusion of case studies and other workplace simulations, and multiple online resources. Content areas are comprehensive, and depth of coverage is an important characteristic of each course. Curriculum content is designed to improve knowledge, skills, and performance is areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Professional Development
  • Workplace Compliance


Our PrimePath capability uses an initial learner assessment to recommend an individual learning path based on demonstrated competencies. The final mastery module provides the learner with measurable and documented evidence of improvement.


To facilitate continuous learning and performance improvement, learners have online access to job performance aids that summarize key steps, processes, and guidelines. Resources such as links, recommended reading lists, glossaries and company-specific documents enable learners to tap into a continually updated archive of quick reference and on-the-job support materials. Workplace exercises, and other simulation features such as interactive case studies, enable learners to apply their new skills within their work environment.


PrimeLearning has pioneered a three level integrated architecture that addresses: World Class Content, an Innovative eLearning Platform, and Business-Focused Services.

World Class Content

PrimeLearning’s approach to branded content, through collaborations with leading corporations, publishers, universities, and business experts, is unique in eLearning and gives us access to both world-class content and subject matter expertise.

Innovative Learning Management System

The cloud-based learning management system (PrimeLMS) creates a unique learning environment by integrating self-directed materials with supplemental resources and optional collaborative interactions. Our Resources provide a variety of curriculum-related reference materials including job aids, workplace exercises, reading lists, links and glossaries.

Business-Focused Services

PrimeLearning offers a folio of services that provides a "business wrapper" enabling organizations to successfully launch, manage and track eLearning activities; as well providing support in the calculation of return on their training investment.

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